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We use state of the art technology to minimize your apprehension about dental work
Why just take our word for it? See your teeth for yourself! In addition to traditional X-rays, Mira Mesa Dental uses the latest digital camera technology. Our doctors will show you—in real-time—an up-close view of your teeth on 17-inch flat screen monitors. That way they can visually explain their recommendations for your dental health. That way we give you every tool to make your own informed decision. They welcome input and will answer any questions to put your mind at ease. We also have over 250 informative videos about the procedures we perform—at no additional cost to you, of course.

Your kids don’t have to miss school to go to the dentist!
We do general dentistry for all ages on Monday through Friday. Dr. Martinez does children's dentistry on Saturday’s from 7 AM to 1 PM so the kids don't have to miss school.

We offer all types of braces to align your smile: Silver, stainless steel, gold (for those allergic to stainless steel), clear, colored, titanium and lingual (behind the teeth).

Smile Improvement
Have you ever wanted to fix crooked or yellow teeth? We can do that—often without braces. Our doctors enhance people’s smile using veneers, crowns and whitening to improve the shape and color of your teeth. We like to call it “instant orthodontics.”

Do your teeth ache? They may be infected, or abscessed. Our doctors can save you money by performing root canals—which is an effective, more affordable option than replacing an entire tooth.

Most of our patients are so comfortable during a root canal procedure that they even doze off! Our favorite part of the day is gently nudging a root canal patient to wake them up and tell them their root canal is done and they are free to leave.

Crowns and Bridges
Missing teeth? We craft beautiful fixed bridges that function just like real teeth (never take them out). We also offer partial bridges, which are removable but considerably less expensive..

Teeth Whitening
Over-the-counter strips can only do so much. We professionally whiten teeth through bleaching and veneers.

Your Comfort is Our Utmost Concern
For no extra charge, our patients can opt to use Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to make themselves feel comfortable and relaxed. You can also elect to take a sedative pill should you feel any anxiety.

Digital X-rays
We have nearly eliminated the concern over radiation by using digital x-rays—which reduce exposure by 90 percent!

Our experienced staff will be glad to review your coverage with you. And no one likes confusing insurance forms—that’s why we complete them for you, at no extra charge.

Dental Insurance
Our experienced staff will be glad to review your coverage with you. As an added courtesy, we will complete your claim forms for you at no charge.

Military Families
For our military families that are covered with the dependents dental plan, we are members of the United Concordia Tri-Care Program. Preventative care is covered at 100%, fillings at 80% and now there is coverage for adult treatments such as root canals, crowns, bridges and full and partial dentures. The Tri-Care plan also provides orthodontics benefits for patients 23 years old or younger.

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