3D CBCT Technology in San Diego

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CBCT scanning is a great tool that we started using in dentistry in the late 90's. Unlike 2D x-ray images, a 3D CT scan provides a three dimensional view of the field of interest allowing us to get information that used to be hard to reveal without surgery. At Mira Mesa Dental & Orthodontics, we've invested in this technology to help plan out procedures more thoroughly to allow for better accuracy and shorter procedure times. We serve people all across San Diego with the latest technology. 

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What Are 3D CBCT Scans Used For?

3D CBCT scans are considered an evolution to the way we can plan for different procedures. The ability to view the teeth and the bone of the jaw in 3D reveals information that often goes unseen with conventional 2D radiography. With this technology, we're able to avoid incomplete or defective treatments.

Planning for Dental Implants

We use 3D scans for the diagnosing and evaluating the height and width of the bone in the jaw to plan for dental implants. We can also detect and locate the position of different vital structures like your nerves and maxillary sinus that have to be preserved and handled with extra caution during procedures.

Planning for Root Canal Treatment

The most common cause of failure in root canals is a missed canal. This happens when a canal within the root wasn't seen during the normal procedure. With CBCT, we can detect and visualize all the canals before doing the procedure so we know where to start and finish. This reduces the time of the procedure and minimizes error that can happen as a result of a missed canal or incomplete root canal treatment.

Planning for Wisdom Teeth Extractions

By nature, wisdom teeth are located close to very important vital structures and can lead to some serious complications if they are traumatized. To avoid these vital structures, including the Inferior Alveolar Nerve and the Maxillary Sinus, we use 3D CT scans to identify their location before extraction of your wisdom teeth.

Diagnosing Unclear Problems

There are a lot of occasions where it is difficult and sometimes impossible to diagnose and find the source of a problem. Regular x-rays can only tell us some information since they only have two dimensions. If an infection or other problem gets covered by a root or another structure, 3D CBCT technology allows us to see your tooth from all angles. With this technology, we're able to find the source quickly and plan a course of action that will work.

Mira Mesa Dental & Orthodontics Offers CBCT 3D Scanning

We believe that the people of San Diego deserve the most accurate dental procedures they can get. That's why our team at Mira Mesa Dental & Orthodontics has invested in 3D CBCT technology to get the most comprehensive view of your teeth possible. This way, we're able to perform procedures more efficiently, thoroughly, and accurately than if we only had access to 2D x-rays.

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