Wisdom Teeth Procedures in San Diego

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

"Wisdom Teeth" is the term that we use to refer to someone's 3rd molars -- usually the furthest-back teeth in the mouth on the top and bottom jaws. While some people may never need to have their wisdom teeth removed, there are those who will need that procedure to keep their alignment, gums, and dental health maintained. Our team at Mira Mesa Dental & Orthodontics can check on your wisdom teeth in your routine exams to determine if it's best to remove them or not.

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Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Out?

The primary reason that many people need their wisdom teeth taken out is because there is no room in their mouth for the teeth to break through. Sometimes a wisdom tooth can stay buried under the gum and in the bone and doesn't need to be addressed. However, if the wisdom teeth are in a position that is very close to the teeth in front of them (your second molars), they can lead to problems with your 2nd molars including cavities and gum problems.

What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

When we say that a wisdom tooth is impacted, we are referring to the fact that the tooth is at an angle. Teeth at an angle can be more difficult to remove.

Maintaining Wisdom Teeth

There are times where your wisdom teeth can erupt and function normally like the rest of your teeth without causing problems. They are still situated far in the back of your mouth, so care for wisdom teeth can be different from the rest of your dental care.

Can you do a filling in a wisdom tooth?

Yes, we absolutely can! We'll assess whether or not a filling or removal is the best option for any wisdom teeth that may be showing decay. For example, if you're missing your upper left wisdom tooth and the lower left one is showing decay, it would be more practical to remove your lower left wisdom tooth. We will only suggest placing a filling on a wisdom tooth if you have all of your wisdom teeth showing and we can access the tooth.

Do you do crowns and root canals in wisdom teeth?
We rarely place crowns or perform root canals on wisdom teeth since they are situated in such a hard to reach part of the mouth. In addition to the difficult access, the anatomy of wisdom teeth makes a successful root canal very difficult.


Wisdom Teeth Don't Have To Be A Problem You Worry About

At Mira Mesa Dental & Orthodontics, we have years of experience working on wisdom teeth. We can help anyone in San Diego determine if and when they should have their wisdom teeth removed.

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